AACUS Paint Imagination

Aacus Paint Imagination (4 years & above):

Explore the richness of creativity and imagination through painting and meditation, incorporating a variety of methods and guided exercises. The aim of the course is to step aside from formal understanding and to engage directly with your perception, energy and imagination. This course complements, and is a valuable addition to more formal drawing courses.

During the course one will explore new ways of seeing, and different ways of engaging with painting and the imagination. One will work from life and from imagination and will engage in exercises that access and sustain one inner resources and concentration. This can include short guided meditations and simple movement exercises that can be adapted to one’s individual needs. The course will explore the expressive possibilities of colour, ways of developing one’s own subject matter and means of articulating one’s experience directly through the medium of paint. One will develop a toolkit of painting methods and ideas that will inform your work into the future.