AACUS Math-Maniac

Need for Mathematics:

Can one even imagine counting without numbers? There was a time when the system of numbers didn’t exist but still counting was very much in practice. During that time, human hands and the fingers were the only devices to count but as the need for counting bigger numbers than what the ten fingers could actually represent came into existence, people sought to natural elements such as twigs, pebbles and many others for keeping the required count. Thus, time rolled by and newer devices and methodologies came into being until numbers were invented. Still, the unique methods and devices never lost their true essence and were successfully incorporated into the contemporary learning process.

The concept of speed mathematics has been contrived by incorporating the chosen techniques that enrich the child’s knowledge and help it to understand the mathematical logics in a better way. At the same time the course provides the child with a fair idea on the different branches of mathematics.

Discover the Speed of AacusMath-Maniac:

Arithmetic Problems which were originated in Indian Scriptures are interesting and unique methods of solving and they are an attractive feature in AACUS INNOVATION SCHOOL studies. This style of solving mathematical problems is one of the most coveted subjects to learn with the accuracy and advantage it provides. The analytics behind the solving techniques which are 16 Sutras and 14 Sub-Sutras, were the basis of an idea to have a system for solving mathematical problems, is very instrumental and unique in the all-round brain development of the school kids.

AACUS MATH-MENIAC a clear connection and continuity between various branches of Maths, thus enriching a child’s knowledge and understanding of Maths. We are living in a competitive age today. The kids are getting a boon to face all competitions in the form of MATH-MENIAC. In the shortest time with least efforts, this can be the most natural working way for learning and mastering.

The kids are also provided with a set of checking procedures by the MATH-MENIAC System. By this they can independently cross check whatever we do, provided they make the habit of applying the quick and simple checks at different stages of working. The element of flexibility and choice at each stage keeps the mind alert and lively. It also develops the clarity of intuition and the mind by integrated training of the brain’s two hemispheres which leads to the holistic development of the human brain automatically taking place through MATH-MENIAC multidimensional thinking.

Benefits of AACUS Math-Maniac:

AACUS MATH-MANIAC is a systematic Mathematics Learning System to enrich the mathematical skills, aptitude, logical, reasoning and overall brain development of young students.

Mathemaniac is based on the ancient system of Indian mathematics i.e. Vedic Ganit. Mathemaniac not only used ancient systems as its backbone but also blended it with modern techniques to fructify the whole course and make it enjoyable.

For students who love mathematics, AACUS MATH-MANIAC can be learnt within no time. For students who don’t like mathematics at all will get addict on it and realize that mathematics is the only interesting subject.

Aacus Math-Maniac Enhances
  • Sharpens mind.
  • Speed and accuracy.
  • Boosts self confidence.
  • Mental calculation enrichment.
  • Encourages innovation.
  • Develops intellectual skills.
  • Easy and enjoyable mathematics.
  • Mastering in the Vedic Sutras.
  • Stimulating modern mathematics.
  • Improved academic performance.

AACUS Math-Maniac Program Overview

  • Semester: The course consists of 3 Semesters
  • Course duration: Each Semester duration is six months or 26 Weeks
  • Class duration: Weekly once
  • Timing: 2 hours and 15 Minutes per day after school all through the year
  • Batch strength: Maximum 15 in each batch
  • Assessment: Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each Semester
  • Promotion: Promotion to the next level only after passing the internal assessment
  • Certificates: Certificates are given after successful completion of each Semester