AACUS English

Need for ENGLISH:

English is thought to be one of the most important languages in the World. There are numerous reasons for English to be important. One of the reasons is that English is spoken as the First Language in many nations. The tremendous advancement of Science and Technology has turned the World at large into a unified entity. It’s already in our living room through Newspaper, Television, Phone, Internet, etc. Thus, to interact and communicate interact we need a language.

Books on Science (Physical, Medical and Social) are mostly written in English. So people who speak in different languages come across English to satiate their knowledge. Thus, English has become the Window to the World. In India it is particularly important as an inter-state communication. Along with Hindi, English is also becoming the lingua franca of our nation.


It’s an After-School Activity for Children between the age span of 4 and 14 years. Learners here don’t suffer from any boredom because there is no compulsion; no syllabus of any counselor board is followed over here. The intention over here is to supplement and boost up the use of Language.

This learning of the English Language has the following advantages:-

  • This will help the learners use the language more appropriately through speech and screening.
  • Here the learners get ample scope to interact with their classmates and teachers.
  • They do this through peer and group works.
  • The books are designed accordingly.
  • The Teacher-Student Ratio (1:15) helps a lot for correction and remedial action.

Benefits of AACUS ENGLISH:

Learning English develops confidence and the use of the language along with the skill, presents an individual with an important career range. An important benefit which English Language provides is “Superior Memory Function”. English Language Learning has shown an increase in memory capacities and this has been especially strong in short term memory. This is a huge benefit as it allows the brain to keep information for a longer duration while the thinking process is activated.

Language learning also benefits the brain asit gains increased mental flexibility. English learning helps “Exercise the brain” to keep it agile and flexible.

A person gets the advantage edge by learning new languages in the following domains like: Abstract Mental Skills, Formation of Concepts, Formulation of creative hypothesis , improved identification capacity, solving problems with proper understanding, a focused ability to on a task by eliminating distractions and extraneous information with increased multi-tasking ability.

A strong hold on the English Language is beneficial for a person by increasing comprehension for how a language works and is used. Research works have shown that individuals with multi lingual abilities are able to interpret and read social situations in a better manner, which improve their performance in social set ups. Ultimately, all these advantages culminate in bringing one last benefit “an increased ability to develop right English”.

Ability to use the language correctly while speaking and writing
Becoming confident in the use of the language while studying, and also in different situations
Ability to construct and make the sentences using right WORDS & SENTENCE STRUCTURES
Develop the keenness for learning the language without compulsion
Use of English effectively and effortlessly

AACUS ENGLISH Program Overview

  • Semester: The course consists of 4 Semesters
  • Course duration: Each Semester duration is six months or 26 Weeks
  • Class duration: Weekly once
  • Timing: 2 hours and 15 Minutes per day after school all through the year
  • Batch strength: Maximum 15 in each batch
  • Assessment: Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each Semester
  • Promotion: Promotion to the next level only after passing the internal assessment
  • Certificates: Certificates are given after successful completion of each Semester