AACUS Abacus

Ancient Counting Tool Reinvented:

The Abacus is a simple learning instrument with rows of beads in a frame used to count and calculate. The word “Abacus” has been derived from the Greek word “Abax/Abak” which means Counting Device used for making Basic Arithmetic calculations. It is a modern representation of an ancient art of Mental Math and is widely used in accounting and education worldwide.

The AACUS ABACUS Program is conducted for the overall development of a child’s brain. This program helps a child in making his or her logical skills as sharp as possible. This brain development program is meant for children under the age group between 4 to 14 Years of age.


Brain Structure:

Our Brain has got two hemispheres, the Left and the Right. Both the hemispheres have got some important functions to perform.

EXPERIENCE : Usability / Analytic + Design / Creative

Left Brain Functions:

It controls the Right Side of the body
Performs tasks like Logical Reasoning, Analytical Information
It has concerns with Languages & Sound


Right Brain Functions:

It controls the Left Side of the body
Performs tasks like Visualization, Imagination & Creativity
It helps in the Integration of Information

ABACUS is not just a mathematical tool, it’s an instrument which can help in developing your child’s self-confidence and improve his or her IQ Level to a great extent.


Benefits of AACUS ABACUS:


An Abacus is actually very easy to use, once AACUS ABACUS ENHANCES a child is trained to understand its basics. If one look at an abacus, one will see a series of vertical columns. Each of these columns represents a base 10 unit. The right most column represents the ones-unit, the second from-left column represents the tens unit, the third column represents the hundreds-unit and so forth.
The more vertical columns that are on the abacus, the larger the number one can work with. Our program’s latest format enables a child’s Left &Right Hemispheres of the brain to interact with each other very efficiently.

AACUS ABACUS Programs Overview:


  • Assessment: Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each Semester
  • Promotion: Promotion to the next level only after passing the internal assessment
  • Certificates: Certificates are given after successful completion of each Semester

Value Additions:

  • Brain Gain: Brain Gain is a set of Fun Filled Exercises which have been introduced for children in order to reduce their stress levels to a great extent.
  • Speed Writing: In this additional program a target is given to a child along with a time frame in which the target has to be completed.
  • Dictation: In this value addition we create coordination among various organs of the body’s upper part like brain, ears, eyes, fingers and hands.